5 Beauty Products Your Boyfriend is Eyeing (or should be)

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5 Beauty Products Your Boyfriend is Eyeing (or should be!)

We can be high maintenance when it comes to beauty, that’s a fact. Have you seen how many products it takes for us to do our hair? While your man might be rolling his eyes at the multitude of creams and serums on your bathroom counter, he should be paying attention.

If you’re a guy who’s been feeling the urge to improve your skin, hair and lips, give these five a try.

Exfoliating Cleanser: Murad AHA/BHA Cleanser
We exfoliate for baby soft skin, but even the manliest of men can benefit from the Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids packed into Murad’s powerful cleanser. This killer combo cleanses impurities for clearer, brighter skin and fewer breakouts.

Facial Tonic : January Labs Restorative Tonic
Yes, you use it to set your makeup and freshen up your skin throughout the day, but it’s soothing properties make it a great after-shave mist for men, too. Licorice calms irritated skin while Calendula Extract has healing properties.  $24,

Hair Care System: ReTress Hair Rejuvenation Kit
The ReTress system was developed exclusively for women with thinning hair, but it turns out it works for the boys, too! Because ReTress addresses so many of the issues that can lead to hair loss (like scalp inflammation) and helps support anchoring of the hair to the follicle, men have seen fabulous results with it as well.  $99,


ReTress Hair Rejuvenation Kit, $99

Lip Treatment: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15
There are few things worse than kissing dry, cracked lips, so if you’re a dude who wants to make out with us, putting on a bit of balm will seriously help your case. Boy’s don’t need to worry about looking like they’re wearing gloss; Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment absorbs quickly and isn’t shiny.  $22.50,

Coconut Oil: Trader Joe’s Organic
We’ve been using Coconut Oil as a face cream, leave-in conditioner and body moisturizer for years while we’re sure he’s been wondering what that jar from Aisle 3 is doing in the bathroom. Because men get dry skin too, they can benefit from the natural, non-petroleum based moisture Coconut Oil provides. Men’s rough skin feels softer to touch, as it helps slough off dead surface cells.

Bonus points that it smells like a tropical paradise. Perhaps he’ll feel oh-so inspired to book that trip to Bali you’ve been hinting at? We can dream.  $6, Trader Joes nationwide