A Blonde Walks Into Barre …

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A Blonde Walks Into Barre …

So pirouetting around in pink tights had never really been my thing and I’d certainly never done a plié,  but envying that ballerina body was something I did a lot. Ballet dancers are strong, graceful (so not me, unfortunately) and are amazingly strong.

As a girl I played soccer and did gymnastics for years but never once set foot in a dance studio. So… my first barre class was absolutely terrifying. I had no idea how to ‘tuck’ and ‘back dancing’ made me blush. I felt like I was doing everything wrong and to be honest, my first time I probably was.

I was sore the next day but kept going back because with each class I took I got stronger, improved my form and had fun. The workouts are enjoyable and three years later I still look forward to them.

Why should I do barre, Dani?
Because you want that dancer’s body! Right? At least I do. Which is actually code for lean legs, firm abs, jiggle-free arms and a round, lifted rear*. I have seen huge changes in my body!


But what is barre?
The barre workout was developed by dancer Lotte Berk after suffering a back injury. She developed the exercise program to sculpt that ballerina body by incorporating both her physical therapy and ballet technique. The low impact, small movements help lengthen, strengthen, and tone by targeting four major muscle groups all at once.

Do I have to wear a tutu?
No no no! NO! Wear formfitting clothes that are easy to move in. The better your instructor can see your body, the easier it will be for them to help correct your form. Bring grip socks and know that shoes are never allowed. Barre is done on carpet or hardwood floors and not only are socks needed for sanitary reasons (obvi) but the grips help to stabilize you during poses, which you will be extremely thankful for.

Most barre and yoga studios sell grip socks, so don’t worry! I love StickyBe with their cute motivational messages and Shashi’s stand up class after class.

I’m curious. Where do I go?
There are some pretty popular studios nationwide, such as Cardio Barre and Pure Barre.While all incorporate barre technique, they often mix in dance, light weights, and pilates or yoga as well.

My all time favorite studio is Barre Las Vegas and their sister bodybar(re) locations.
The instructors are awesome and they have a variety of class types so you never get bored.

Don’t be intimidated because you’re not the dancer type. Barre is very easy to pick up and I’ve seen the most uncoordinated people (me) catch on pretty quick!