Cut Your Dry Time with the Bio Ionic 10x Ultralight Hair Dryer

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Cut Your Dry Time with the BioIonic 10x Ultralight Hair Dryer

Bio Ionic 10x Ultralight Hair Dryer

Seriously, I was super weary about a blow dryer that claimed to dry any type of hair in as little as 10 minutes. My coarse, frizzy hair takes at least 30, just to get the moisture out. Smoothing and frizz control? Another 5-10.

Picking up Bio Ionic’s $330 dryer was tough. While I like nice tools, this one was a little $$$$. I was secretly hoping it wouldn’t work, just so that I could return it! But oh no no, this dryer is pure magic.

Not only did it dry my hair in 8 minutes (yes EIGHT minutes!) it left my hair smooth, shiny and virtually frizz-free. Saving over 30 minutes every time I wash definitely makes this dryer worth every single penny. Before this dryer, I would absolutely dread washing my hair because it was so time consuming.

How it works:
Natural volcanic rock minerals infused into Bio Ionic tools emit negative ions that drive tiny water molecules deep into hair. Hair becomes hydrated and conditioned, and the outer cuticle layer lies flat and smooth—trapping moisture for a vibrant, shiny look.

Bio Ionic’s 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer is available at Sephora for $330 and it is totally worth it. #lifechanger

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