5 Reasons To Get Tickets For Life Is Beautiful 2016

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5 Reasons To Get Tickets For Life Is Beautiful 2016

Okay, so obviously it’s about the music. With headliners Major Lazer, J. Cole, Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers it just might be the best year yet. Rounding out the stacked lineup is Leon Bridges, Young the Giant, The Shelters (who we caught opening for Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch this summer) and so many more. So yes, get your tickets for the music.  But… not just for the music.

  1. It’s based in Las Vegas! Like you need an excuse for a Vegas trip.
  2. It’s so much more than music! Life is Beautiful IDEAS features TED-talk style speakers who inspire and motivate. Last year we caught Bill Nye and Justin Baldoni featuring Claire Wineland. If your wondering about just how powerful they can be, check out Claire in the CW’s My Last Days now.
  3. The art! Last year’s Art Motel was ahhhmazing. This year, expect to see Art Cars roaming the crowds as you travel between stages. Awesome. Charlotte Dutoit of JUSTKIDS is curating the street art program for the fourth year. The murals and installations that the Life is Beautiful art program produces become fixtures of the downtown Las Vegas area  during the festival and beyond.
  4. Life is Beautiful 2016 has the very best VIP treatment of the festival season. Phone chargers, areas to kick up your feet and relax, actual restrooms (yes, we said actual restrooms), access to chef demonstrations and private bars. Cheers!
  5. The food! And we don’t mean standard festival eats. Life is Beautiful 2016 has curated a lineup of some of the best restaurants and chefs in Las Vegas (who happen to be some of the best in the world).

Convinced? Buy your tickets here.

Not convinced? Check out Life is Beautiful’s 2016 teaser video and we’re sure you’ll see just how beautiful it’s gonna be.

Still not convinced? How can you not be totally stoked about a festival that reminds us how great life is? You must be totally lame, babes.

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