Smooth, Shiny Hair: Total Results Sleek by Matrix

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Seriously, there’s nothing us blondes hate more than flat, frizzy hair. While many shampoos and conditioners manage to tame our flyaways, they tend to leave our locks limp and lifeless in the process.

In an attempt to get my coarse hair silky without feeling slimy, I discovered Total Results Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner by Matrix. This divine duo gives soft, smooth, texture while leaving hair full and manageable. Use the shampoo to gently cleanse and soften, and follow with the conditioner to lock in moisture, add manageability, and improve shine.

I love that Sleek Look provides frizz control without leaving me flat, and helps me blow-dry my hair smooth and sleek in two simple steps.

33.8 oz each/$40 for the two at Ulta