World City: Berlin

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Berlin, the capital of Germany is such a cool city. They have everything rolled into one: culture, architecture, contemporary arts, nightlife,  politics, media and science.

I went around Christmas time which I loved because the decorations and the energy in the city was awesome, and they have the Christmas Market set up which has been a tradition since the late Middle Ages.

The Berlin Wall is the first thing that comes to mind whenever many hear the name of this city. Sadly it’s falling down and only a few sections remain. Besides it having so much history (which isn’t my best subject) the graffiti artwork, mainly on the West side of the wall, is definitely worth checking out.

berlin wall

In the center of Berlin is the Holocaust Memorial between Potsdamer Platz Brandenburg Gate. It is one of the most evocative and controversial Holocaust monuments designed by American architect Peter Eisenmann. The design is 2,500 geometrically arranged  concrete pillars you can enter and walk through on all sides.


When heading to Berlin you may want to visit during the International Berlin Beer Festival as it holds the record for “longest beer garden in the world.” And… enjoy the sauerkraut. That’s my idea of fun!